Descendants of Lewis Johnston

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Mary Johnston
2013 Charleston Drive
Bedford, Texas 76022
817-312-7717 (New phone Number)
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February 19, 1999


Randolph County Pages of Interest by Lee and Betty Tucker: 

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These surnames include only the direct descendants of Lewis Johnston.  You will find the name of every person that is included in this website in the Index.

Abbott, Albritten, Alcaraz, Banners, Beard, Bearry, Beekman, Benard, Bentley, Boehms, Bryant, Butler, Chaddick, Combs, Cox, Daniel, Davis, Day, Delavan, Dobbs, Dowden, Drury, Duggan, Dumas, Dunlap, Dupree, Ellis, Ely, Evans, Fender, Finn, Fite, Fitzsimmons, Foster, Fry, Fuller, Gerhardt, Gibson, Gile, Glasco, Hall, Hammock, Haner, Harpole, Harris, Hart, Hartness, Harwell, Hawkins, Helms, High, Hollon, Hollyfield, Hunt, Jablonski, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Keel, Keeton, Keirsey, Kelly, Kerley, Kerr, Kiefer, Kinsel, Kinsell, Ledbetter, Legate, Lindsey, Loftis, Lovelady, Luter, May, Mcneel, Medlin, Menees, Merritt, Miller, Mock, Moore, Morey, Morris, Nabors, Norton, Nutter, Owens, Palmer, Pannell, Presley, Purdy, Reid, Riddle, Robinson, Rojas, Roller, Roye, Russell, Schreiber, Secrest, Self, Smith, Sommers, Sowers, Sparrow, Spikes, Sullivan, Sutherland, Tandy, Taylor, Terry, Tumlinson, Wagner, Walters, Watson, White, Williams, Wilson, Wisner, Woods, Wren, Wynne, Yarbrough, Yavornik

If you are a member of any family on this website and you see someone or a date missing, we would appreciate your corrections or additions.   Thank you,

 Mary Johnston

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