485. LARRY JOHNSON6 JOHNSTON (LARRY LEXINGTON "LEX"5, LARKIN SLAUGHTER "DOCK"4, JAMES FRANKLIN3, GEORGE GREGORY ("G.G." OR "GREG")2, LEWIS1) (#4) was born in Clemscot, Oklahoma, November 29, 1936. Larry went to be with his heavenly father on March 29, 2003 at 66 years of age, in Bedford, Tarrant County, Texas. Larry was laid to rest on April 2, 2003 at Bluebonnet Hills Cemetery in Colleyville, Tarrant County, Texas.

He married MARY MAGDALEN WRZESINSKI in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas-St.Patrick's Co-Cathedral, on June 14, 1958. (MARY MAGDALEN WRZESINSKI is #1.) MARY was born in Bremond, Robertson County, Texas, April 1, 1937. MARY is the daughter of NICHOLAS "NICK" WRZESINSKI and JOSEPHINE SYZDEK.

Larry__Mary_Johnston_40th_wedding_-_June_14_1998.jpg (15453 bytes)

Larry & Mary Johnston - 1998


child + 658 i. BERNADETTE "DETTA"7 JOHNSTON was born November 21, 1959.

child + 659 ii. ALBERT RUSSELL JOHNSTON was born March 8, 1961.

child + 660 iii. CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL JOHNSTON was born February 5, 1962.

child + 661 iv. KATHRYN PATRICIA JOHNSTON was born March 17, 1963.

child + 662 v. LARRY LEXINGTON JOHNSTON II was born September 22, 1965.

child + 663 vi. THERESA ANN JOHNSTON, (twin to Mary Beth) was born January 5, 1968.

child 664 vii. MARY BETH JOHNSTON (#28), (twin to Theresa Ann) was born on  January 5, 1968.

Larry__Mary_Johnston_Family.jpg (34852 bytes)

The Larry Johnston Family
Standing left to right:  Detta, Albert, Chris, Lex, & Theresa
Sitting:  Mary Beth, Larry, Mary, & Kathy

Larry__Mary_Children_at_Thanksgiving_-_1998.jpg (31939 bytes)

Johnston Children at Thanksgiving - 1998
Standing left to right:  Mary, Theresa,  Detta,  & Lex
Sitting:  Albert, Kathy & Chris



Marys_family_wedding_picture.jpg (22865 bytes)

The Larry Johnston Family in 1998 at wedding of Mary and David Schmidt

Including the 15 grandchildren and their parents

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