y302. HELEN VERA5 JOHNSTON (LARKIN SLAUGHTER "DOCK"4, JAMES FRANKLIN3, GEORGE GREGORY ("G.G." OR "GREG")2, LEWIS1) (#311) was born in Randolph County, Arkansas, June 25, 1902. HELEN died October 24, 1976 Ardmore, Oklahoma, at 74 years of age. Her body was interred Ardmore, Oklahoma, Rose Hill Cemetery.

She married twice. She married EUELL H. EVANS in Randolph County, Arkansas, March 22, 1919. (EUELL H. EVANS is #472.) EUELL was (probably) born in Randolph County, Arkansas about 1901. EUELL died March 24, 1947 at 45 years of age.

She married WILLIAM WALTER "BUD" SULLIVAN Ardmore, Oklahoma, August 15, 1927. (WILLIAM WALTER "BUD" SULLIVAN is #312.) WILLIAM was born in Indian Territory (what is now Carter County, Oklahoma) on August 7, 1900. WILLIAM died January 5, 1980 in Ardmore, Oklahoma, at 79 years of age. His body was interred in Ardmore, Oklahoma, Rose Hill Cemetery.

Notes: After her divorce from Euell Evans in San Diego, in late 1922 or early 1923, Vera returned, with her son, Jack, to Ardmore to live. There, she met Bud Sullivan and they were married in 1927. They had two boys, Dick and Warren. During the early Depression years, about 1932, they moved the family to "the land of opportunity," San Diego. There, Bud worked as a millwright (machinist) for Globe Mills, in their maintenance department. After the younger boys started to school, Vera worked for Safeway. During the war, Vera worked in a parachute factory, packing parachutes. After the war, the family moved to Gainesville, Texas, where he worked for the railroad, repairing bridges on the line from Cleburne, Texas to Ardmore, about 1945. About 1946, Bud and Vera separated, with Bud going back to California. Dick graduated from high school in Gainesville in 1946. Dick, who grew to be 6 feet 5 inches tall, was an outstanding basketball player at Gainesville High. After his graduation in 1946, they moved back to Ardmore, into a home at 11 '0' St. NW. Dick then enlisted in the Marine Corps. In December of 1946, after the completion of his combat training, Dick and 27 other Marines boarded a troop plane to be flown to a point of embarkation in Seattle, Washington, to await transfer to their next duty assignment. Late in the night on December 10, 1946, as they neared Seattle, the plane was caught in a severe snowstorm. With zero visibility, the plane crashed onto the South Tahoma Glacier, high on Mt. Ranier. During the winter, there was no way for a rescue party to get to them before the following spring. In the late spring of 1947, a recovery team reached the site, only to discover that the plane, with all its passengers were frozen solid, deep in the ice of the glacier. Government officials made the decision that, rather than dig them out of the ice after all those months, they would remain there in perpetuity. A memorial marker was erected at the foot of the glacier that lists the names of all the victims. To this day, the South Tahoma Glacier is closed to all skiers and climbers. The marker at the bottom of the glacier is as close as any one may go to the actual site. However, for the last several years, even the marker is only accessible by a hike of several miles from the main roads.

Warren graduated from Ardmore High School in 1948. Vera and Bud were reconciled about 1950, and lived in Ardmore until their deaths.

HELEN VERA JOHNSTON and EUELL H. EVANS had the following family:

child + 481 i. JACK JOHNSTON6 EVANS was born March 16, 1922.


child 482 ii. WILLIAM RICHARD "DICK" SULLIVAN (#321) was born in Ardmore, Oklahoma, July 29, 1928. WILLIAM died December 10, 1946 Mount Ranier, Washington, at 18 years of age.

child + 483 iii. WARREN GERALD SULLIVAN was born September 3, 1930.

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