110. WILLIAM MONROE4 JOHNSTON (JAMES FRANKLIN3, GEORGE GREGORY ("G.G." OR "GREG")2, LEWIS1) (#902) was born in Albertha, Randolph County, Arkansas on July 11,1854. WILLIAM died 1932 in Randolph County, Arkansas, at 77 years of age. He was buried in Randolph County, Arkansas, Johnston Cemetery.

He married MALISSA ANN STUMP in Arkansas, May 14, 1876. (MALISSA ANN STUMP is #903.) MALISSA was born in November 1859 in Kentucky. MALISSA died in 1929 Arkansas, at 70 years of age. Her body was interred in Randolph County, Arkansas, Johnston Cemetery.

Note: An interesting sidelight about William Monroe's later life concerns a written contract executed between him and his daughter, Hattie Bell Johnston Daniel, after his wife, Malissa Ann, died in 1929.    The contract stipulates that if Hattie moves into his Reyno home, "and takes care of him, always treating him like family...," she will receive the house and property as payment upon his death.  Now, the fact was that Hattie loved him dearly, and had already, with husband and children, moved in to take care of him anyway,   contract or not.  She protested that no such thing was necessary or wanted.   He insisted, however, that they execute the contract.  He may have been just a stickler for details, or wanted a way for her to avoid problems with probating his estate.  As it turned out at the time of his death in 1932, William Monroe was arrears on his property taxes, and Hattie had to pay the whopping total of eighteen dollars to redeem the property from the state.

Note 2. According to family tradition, the original Stump in Melissa Ann's Family in America was her (several greats) grandfather, who was a German soldier. He was among the German troops hired by the British as mercenaries to fight against the Colonists during the American Revolution. He (along with many others) was captured. After the war, when they were offered the option, he elected to stay in this country. 

Note 3. The 1910 census reflects that Malissa had given birth to 9 children, of which only 5 were living.  To date we have documented the names of only 7.  Of those 7, obviously James, born 1879, and Roxie, born 1890, died young, before 1910.

Malissa Stump & William Monroe Johnston


child + 253 i. GEORGE FRANKLIN5 JOHNSTON was born August 14, 1878.

child + 254 ii. JAMES JOHNSTON was born in December 1879. 

child + 255 iii.MARTHA ANN JOHNSTON was born in 1882.

 child + 256 iv.HATTIE BELL JOHNSTON was born December 27, 1883.

 child 257 v.CHARLIE JOHNSTON was born April 1, 1887.

 child + 258 vi.ROXIE JOHNSTON (#989) was born in Arkansas in August 1890.

 child + vii.     WILLIAM EARNEST JOHNSTON was born in March 1896.

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