263. LUTHER OTTO5 JOHNSTON (JAMES GREGORY4, JAMES FRANKLIN3, GEORGE GREGORY ("G.G." OR "GREG")2, LEWIS1) (#1001) was born in Randolph County, Arkansas on  July 10, 1884. LUTHER died June 5, 1924 in Houston, Texas, at 39 years of age. His body was interred in Corpus Christi, Texas at Rosehill Memorial Park.

He married twice. He married ALPHA WARD in Texas, August 10, 1905. (ALPHA WARD is #1566.) ALPHA was born February 14, 1883. ALPHA died in 1914 in Texas, at 31 years of age. Probably died with birth of child #5.

He married LYDIA (LYDA) BEULAH REEVES  in Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas, March 7, 1919. (LYDIA B. REEVES is #1567.) LYDIA was born January 5, 1889.

Note:  In 1924, Luther was employed on a construction project in Houston, Texas.  He fell from the roof of a building, but managed to grab something at the edge of the roof and hold on.  He hung there by one hand for a considerable length of time before being rescued.  Evidently, serious damage was done to the arm by which he hung there, and he was hospitalized.  While still in the hospital, a blood clot formed in that arm that resulted in his untimely death.  His body was transported to Corpus Christi for burial.

LUTHER OTTO JOHNSTON and ALPHA WARD had the following family:

child 429 i. DOVIE6 JOHNSTON (#1568) was born in Bell County, Texas, September 26, 1906. DOVIE died July 6, 1919 in Texas, at 12 years of age.

child + 430 ii. EDNA MAY JOHNSTON was born May 18, 1908.

child 431 iii. LOIS JOHNSTON (#1577) was (probably) born in Bell County, Texas, January 8, 1910. LOIS died October 11, 1977 at 67 years of age. She married JAMES V. GRAVES in Bell County, Texas, November 21, 1936. (JAMES V. GRAVES is #1578.) JAMES was born September 30, 1902.

child + 432 iv. REBA JOHNSTON was born February 19, 1913.

child 433 v. DOROTHEA JOHNSTON (#1585) was born in Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas, in 1914. DOROTHEA died as an infant. 

LUTHER OTTO JOHNSTON and LYDIA B. REEVES  had the following family:

child + 434 vi. LUTHER OTTO JOHNSTON Jr. was born January 14, 1921.

child + 435 vii. IMO JOHNSTON was born December 25, 1921.

child + 436 viii. JAMES GLOVER JOHNSTON was born March 13, 1924.

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