210. REV JAMES WALTER5 JOHNSTON (JAMES PERRY4, LEWIS BURTON3, GEORGE GREGORY ("G.G." OR "GREG")2, LEWIS1) (#1838) was born in Ponder, Ripley County, Missouri, July 23, 1886. JAMES died March 1, 1942 in Batesville, Arkansas, at 55 years of age. His body was interred in Batesville, Arkansas, Oaklawn Cemetery.

He married ERNESTINE THEODOSIA SMITH on April 3, 1910.. (ERNESTINE THEODOSIA SMITH is #1839.) ERNESTINE was born in Ponder, Ripley County, Missouri, November 6, 1887. She died March 6, 1969 in Batesville, Arkansas at 81 years of age.  Her body was interred March 7, 1969 in  Batesville, Arkansas, Oaklawn Cemetery.


child 386 i.  CARL GALLOWAY JOHNSTON was born January 4, 1911.

child 387 ii. LOIS OPHELIA6 JOHNSTON (#1864) was born on March 18, 1912 in Fredericktown, Missouri. Lois died on September 1, 1996 in North Little Rock, Arkansas, at 84 years of age.  She married FRED M. DOBBS on September 6, 1933. (FRED is #2037)  FRED was born and died on dates unknown.

child 388 iii. PAUL SMITH JOHNSTON (#1869) was born on January 20, 1914 in Calico Rock, Arkansas. Paul died on December 5, 1961 in Little Rock, Arkansas, at 47 years of age.  He married EDITH MORRIS on December 5, 1937.  (Edith Morris is #2039) At the time of his death, Paul's place of residence was in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

child 389 iv. MARY LANNELLE JOHNSTON (#1865) was born on February 16, 1916 in Bexar, Arkansas.  She married LYNDELL NORTON on November 12, 1937.  (Lyndell Norton is #2039) .

child 390 v. WILLIAM THURMAN JOHNSTON (#1870) was born on November 14, 1918 in Bexar, Arkansas. He married ELOISE RICE on March 26, 1941.  (Eloise Rice is #2040)

child + 391 vi. RUTH ADELYN JOHNSTON (#1866) was born on October 3, 1920 in Sulphur Rock, Arkansas.  She married WILLIAM HENRY FISCHER III on August 14, 1947.   (William Fischer is #2041)  Ruth died on April 12, 1991, in Glenwood, Colorado.   Her last place of residence was in Basalt, Colorado.

child 392 vii. LILLIAN LEE JOHNSTON (#1867) was born on August 3, 1924 in Evening Shade, Arkansas.

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