child 392 vii. LILLIAN LEE JOHNSTON (REV. JAMES WALTER, JAMES PERRY, LEWIS BURTON, GEORGE GREGORY ("G.G. OR "GREG"), LEWIS) (#1867) was born on August 3, 1924 in Evening Shade, Arkansas. She married DELMA D. "Del" DOCKINS in Batesville, Arkansas on February 6, 1947.. (DELMA D. DOCKINS is #1868.) DEL was born in Wideman, Izard County, Arkansas on May 10, 1923.   DEL died January 12, 1990 in Little Rock, Arkansas at 66 years of age. Lillian currently lives in Stuttgart, Arkansas.

LILLIAN LEE JOHNSTON and DELMA D. "DEL" DOCKINS had the following family:

      child  i.  JONATHON DEL DOCKINS (#2055) was born on May 7, 1952 in Little Rock, Arkansas. He married MARJORIE MCCLORIE SCHUMANN  (#2056) in Little Rock, on December 27, 1973.  They currently live in Houston, Texas.   Marjorie was born on March 24, 1952. 

                   following family.

            child    i a.  Michael David Dockins (#2057) was born in Brownsville, Texas, June 6, 1980.
            child   ii a.  Jennifer Miranda Dockins (#2058) was born in Webster, Texas, May 27, 1983.
            child  iii a.  Paul Mathew Dockins (#2059) was born and died in Houston, Texas on June
                         25, 1986.
            child   iv a. Julie Carolyn Dockins (#2060) was born in Webster, Texas on May 18, 1992

 child ii.   KATHY ANN DOCKINS (#2061) was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on May 6, 1956.
She married LESLIE GORDON BUTLER (#2062) on December 27, 1976.Leslie was born in
El Dorado, Arkansas on October 24, 1955.  Kathy and Leslie live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    KATHY ANN DOCKINS and LESLIE GORDON BUTLER have the following family:

       child  i a.  LAURA ELIZABETH BUTLER (#2063) was born in Los Angeles, California on
                    January 9, 1982.   (Twin of Amanda)

       child ii a.  AMANDA LEIGH BUTLER (#2064) was born in Los Angeles, California on
                    January 9, 1982.  (Twin of Laura)

       child iii a  REBECCA KAY BUTLER (#2065) was born on February 25, 1988 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana



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