child   iii. PEARL MAE COCHRAN 5   (#2538) AMANDA ELIZABETH  JOHNSTON 4   (#941) . WILLIAM PERRY GREEN3 JOHNSTON (GEORGE GREGORY ("G.G." OR "GREG")2, LEWIS1) was born on December 20, 1908.

She married three times.  She married HEINAN GILBERT (#2563) before 1924.   Heinan's date of birth and death are unknown. 

She married GEORGE KUNART VANCIL (#2564) on May 30, 1930. George was born in Morrison, Illinois on November 16, 1907.  George died on April 13, 1946 in Alton, Illinois, at 38 years of age.

She married CLYDE CECIL CAMPBELL (#2565) on August 10, 1947.  Clyde was born on unknown date and died on July 12, 1996 in Columbia, South Carolina.  His body was interred in South Carolina. Note:  Clyde Cecil Campbell adopted Joan Elizabeth Vancil, Mary Lynne Vancil and George Cochran Vancil.

PEARL MAE COCHRAN and GEORGE KUNART VANCIL had the following family:

child     i. RICHARD FRANKLIN VANCIL 6   (#2566) was born on September 17, 1931 and died on January 10, 1966.

child   ii. JOAN ELIZABETH VANCIL CAMPBELL  6   (#2567) was born on August 8, 1937.

child  iii. MARY LYNNE VANCIL CAMPBELL  (#2568) was born on November 16, 1939.

child  iv. GEORGE COCHRAN VANCIL CAMPBELL  6     (#2569) was born on February 8, 1945.

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