child  viii. JOSEPH BURTON JOHNSTON JR6. (#3331)  JOSEPH BURTON JOHNSTON5 (#3117) LEWIS PEYTON4 JOHNSTON (LEWIS BURTON3, GEORGE GREGORY ("G.G." OR "GREG")2, LEWIS1) was born on February 2, 1927 in Atoka, Oklahoma. and died on June 11, 1966 in Morris, Oklahoma, at 39 years of age. His body was interred in Morris, Oklahoma at Morris Cemetery.

He married JOYCE WATTS (#3387) in Morris, Oklahoma on June 10, 1949. Joyce was born (probably) in Morris, Oklahoma on August 31, 1919.

JOSEPH BURTON JOHNSTON JR. and JOYCE WATTS had the following children:

child      i. DONNA JOYCE JOHNSTON7 (#3388) was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on July 4, 1951. She married twice. She married CHUCK HEWETT in Owassa, Oklahoma on February 15, 1973. Donna and Chuck were divorced in May 1977.  She then married FRANK THOMASON (#3393) on October 16, 1981.

child+ ii. RICHARD JOE JOHNSTON7 (#3389) was born on June 29, 1952. Twin of Dianne June Johnston.

child+iii. DIANNE JUNE JOHNSTON7 (#3390) twin of Richard Joe was born on June 29, 1952.

child+iv   LISA RENNA JOHNSTON7 (#3391) was born on August 30, 1960.

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