child  iv.   NANCY6 BELFORD (#4155) UNA JOHNSTON 5   (#1535) GEORGE GREGORY4 JOHNSTON (WILLIAM PERRY GREEN3, GEORGE GREGORY ("G.G." OR "GREG")2, LEWIS1) was born in Randolph County, Arkansas on January 28, 1933.  Nancy died in February 2005 in Bella Vista, Arkansas.

Nancy married twice.  She married JAY LEE  COCKRUM ##4204 on unknown date.  He died on unknown date.

She married JESUS RODRIGUEZ QUINTERO (#4211) on unknown date and  in unknown place.

NANCY BELFORD and COCKRUM had the following family:

child     i.  JOSEPH7 PATRICK COCKRUM(#4205) was born on unknown date.

child    ii.  BELINDA7 LEE COCKRUM (#4206) was born on unknown date.

NANCY BELFORD and JESUS RODRIGUEZ QUINTERO had the following family:

child   iii.  ANTHONY 7 QUINTERO (#4212) was born on May 8, 1963 in Tucson, Arizona.

child   iv.  UNA7 LUCINDA QUINTERO (#4213) was born on April 13, 1965 in Tucson, Arizona.  She married ANDREW JOHN AYRE (#4214) on November 23, 1999.  Andrew was born on unknown date.

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