21. ARRENA B3 JOHNSTON (GEORGE GREGORY ("G.G." OR "GREG")2, LEWIS1) (#639) was   born in Humphreys County, Tennessee on  January 7, 1827. ARRENA died about 1880,  probably in Ripley County, Missouri.. Her body was probably interred in Randolph County, Arkansas

She married REV JESSE ROBINSON in McNairy County, Tennessee, December 2, 1844. (REV JESSE ROBINSON is #640.) JESSE was born in Tennessee, in 1825. JESSE died after 18780 probably in Ripley County, Missouri.

1. The first 2 children of Gregory and Martha (Burton) Johnston, born in 1822 & 1824, were undoubtedly born in Humphreys County, Tennessee. Martha Burton's mother, Keziah Farley Burton, died in 1824. At some point after her death, Martha's father, Henry Burton, her brother, John Henry Burton and Gregory all decided to relocate in the newly chartered (1823) McNairy County on the west side of the Tennessee river. Somehow, Gregory had also learned that his own family, at least all his brothers, had left their North Carolina home place and relocated in Georgia, southeast of Atlanta, in Henry/Butts/Newton counties. As part of their relocation from Humphreys to McNairy County, Gregory elected to detour by way of Georgia to introduce his wife and children to his brothers. They stayed in Georgia only a short period of time before continuing their journey to McNairy County, Tennessee, where they joined Henry and John Henry Burton, north of the Purdy Community. I have not been able to determine the exact year the group left Humphreys County, when they arrived in McNairy County, or how long Gregory and Martha stayed in Georgia. We only know that it all occurred after 1824 and before the 1830 census. I feel it safe to say that the 4th child, Lewis Burton Johnston, was born in McNairy County, Tennessee. However, when Arrena B. was born on January 1, 1827, I am not able to say whether she was born before they left Humphreys County, or while they were in Georgia, or after they got to McNairy County. I will say that on the census reports of 1850, 60, 70 and 1880, Arrena showed Tennessee as her state of birth. In Selmer, Tennessee, there is no record on file of Gregory acquiring land there. Most records for the 1820's however, were filed in Hardin County, Tennessee. Unfortunately, the courthouse in Savannah, Tennessee burned during the 1870's, destroying all Hardin County records to that point, leaving me unable to determine when they first appeared in McNairy County, Tennessee.

2. With both of their Tennessee born children, Sarah Ann and John, left buried in Tennessee, the 1850 census finds Jesse and Arrena B. with no children, in Randolph County, Arkansas, in the same area where Gregory settled his family.

3. Although they are yet to prove it, some descendants of the Robinsons believe that Jessie was the oldest son of John and Arabella (Carr) Robinson of McNairy County, Tennessee. John Robinson was born in Kentucky about 1800, and Arabella Carr in South Carolina, about 1807. If Phil Robinson and some of his kin are correct, Jesse Robinson was born to them in McNairy County about 1825. Including among later children born to them, all in McNairy County, were James, about 1835; Susan A, 1838; William S, 1840; Martha, 1842; and Thomas C., 1850. They were still in McNairy County at the time of the 1850 census, but shortly after that census, the theory is that this family followed their son and brother to Randolph County, Arkansas. They were there for the 1860 census, in Little Black Township, James with his wife Mahaly (Mahalia?) and their 2 Arkansas born children, along with John and Arabellah and their youngest 4. Their theory appears to be good, I wish them luck.

4. At the time of this 1860 census, Jesse and Arrena B., are still located in Columbia Township (just west of Little Black), near the Johnstons. They now have another 4 children, James Lewis, age 10, Don M (5), William Perry Green (3), and Jesse (2). Also living with them is a 9 year old girl, Mary A. Chandler, born in Arkansas. I have no idea who she is or why she is with them.

5. About 1868, Jesse and Arrena disposed of their Randolph County property and moved into Ripley County, Missouri, locating very near Lewis Burton Johnston and his family. They were there for the 1870 census. They now have an almost 2 year old boy, Robert N., born in the latter half of 1868, in Ripley County. Jesse L. Robinson, who should have been 12 years old in 1870, has apparently died, because he is not listed on that census.

6. Although the 1880 census finds their older sons, Jim Lewis, Don and William Perry Green Robinson, all located back in Randolph County, we find Jesse and Arrena B., along with the 17 year old Susan A., 14 year old Margania J. and the 12 year old Robert N., located in Springdale, Washington County, Arkansas. After this census, I lose them. Also listed with them in 1880, is the 10 month old daughter of Don M. Robinson, Emma Etheridge "Etta". Her mother, Emma E. Moore, died while giving birth to Etta. 

ARRENA B JOHNSTON and REV JESSE ROBINSON had the following family:

child 88 i. SARAH ANN4 ROBINSON (#641) was born in McNairy County, Tennessee on December 5, 1846. SARAH died December 5, 1846 in McNairy County, Tennessee, at birth.

child 89 ii. JOHN ROBINSON (#642) was born in McNairy County, Tennessee about 1848. JOHN died August 3, 1849 in McNairy County, Tennessee, at 1 year of age. His body was interred in McNairy County, Tennessee.

child + 90 iii. JAMES LEWIS "JIM" ROBINSON (#643) was born in 1850 and died November 17, 1910.

child 91 iv. REV. DON M. ROBINSON (#646) was born in Randolph County, Arkansas about 1854. 

child 92 v. WILLIAM PERRY GREEN ROBINSON (#647) was born in Randolph County, Arkansas in 1857. WILLIAM died on unknown date.

child 93 vi. JESSE L. ROBINSON (#648) was born Randolph County, Arkansas in 1858. JESSE apparently died before 1870, because he does not appear with the family in the 1870 census.

child 94 vii. SUSAN A. ROBINSON (#649) was born in Randolph County, Arkansas in 1862. SUSAN died on unknown date.

child 95 viii. MARGANIA J. ROBINSON (#650) was born in Randolph County, Arkansas in 1865. MARGANIA died on unknown date.

child 96 ix. ROBERT N. ROBINSON (#651) was born in Ripley County, Missouri  in 1869. ROBERT died on October 28, 1903.

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