22. LEWIS BURTON3 JOHNSTON (GEORGE GREGORY ("G.G." OR "GREG")2, LEWIS1) (#652) was born in McNairy County, Tennessee, on April 2, 1829. LEWIS died October 25, 1895 in Arkansas, at 66 years of age. His body was interred in Randolph County, Arkansas, Siloam Cemetery.

He married LOUISIANA on February 23, 1848. (LOUISIANA TENNESSEE SPENCER is #677.) LOUISIANA was born in Tennessee, July 24, 1831. LOUISIANA died December 3, 1909, in Randolph County, Arkansas, at 78 years of age. Her body was interred in Randolph County, Arkansas, Siloam Cemetery.

Note: (1): Charles G. only refers to his grandparents as "Grandfather Spencer", and "Grandmother Spencer," never mentioning their names. His grandfather was "a hunter and an early settler in Tennessee." He sez that his grandfather was of Irish descent and his grandmother was Welch. Recently we have learned that Louisiana Tennessee was the 9th child of Charles (1791-1856) and Sarah Reeves (1796-1855) Spencer.

(2) Milledgeville, Tennessee, is in the northeaster corner of McNairy County, Tennessee, about 14 miles northeast of Purdy, Tennessee.

Lewis_B._Johnston__Tennessee_Spencer_Johnston.jpg (7250 bytes)

Lewis Burton Johnston & Tennessee Spencer Johnston



child + 97 i. CHARLES GREGORY4 JOHNSTON was born May 27, 1849.

child 98 ii. SARAH CATHERINE JOHNSTON (#57) was born in Randolph County, Arkansas, July 31, 1851. Sarah died April 29, 1939 in Ripley County, Missouri, at 87 years of age.

child + 99 iii. MARTHA P (PARLEE or PARALEE) JOHNSTON was born September 22, 1853.

child 100 iv. DAVID WINSLOW JOHNSTON (#862) was born in Randolph County, Arkansas, April 16, 1855. DAVID (probably) died July 1856 in McNairy County, Tennessee, at 1 year of age.

child 101 v. PARMELIA "AMELIA" ELIZABETH JOHNSTON (#863) was born in McNairy  County, Tennessee, October 29, 1857. 

child + 102 vi. LEWIS PEYTON JOHNSTON was born March 9, 1860.

child + 103 vii. JAMES PERRY JOHNSTON was born June 6, 1862.

child + 104 viii. REV. SAMUEL LARKIN JOHNSTON was born April 5, 1866.

child + 105 ix. ARENA TENNESSEE JOHNSTON was born April 5, 1866.

child + 106 x. CORDELIA JANE JOHNSTON (#883) was born in Ripley County, Missouri, July 4, 1868. Cordelia died May 25, 1950 in place unknown, at 81 years of age.

bluedot.gif (868 bytes) + 107 xi. MISSOURI ELLEN JOHNSTON was born June 4, 1870.

child + 108 xii. WILLIAM THOMAS JOHNSTON was born September 22, 1872.

child + 109 xiii. JESSIE MACK JOHNSTON was born November 20, 1875.

      Children of Lewis B. and Tennessee Johnston
    Picture taken in 1925

Front Row - Seated (from right to left)
Charles Gregory Johnston-age 84
Sarah Catherine Johnston Pulliam - age 87
Martha Paralee Johnston Keel - age 86
Parmelia Elizabeth Johnston Moore - age 79
Lewis Peyton Johnston - age 97
James Perry Johnston - age 99
(Rev.) Samuel Larkin Johnston - age 81 

Standing Right to Left
Missouri Ellen Johnston Albritton - age 74
Jesse Mack Johnston - age 79
Cordelia Jane Johnston Cox - age 81

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